En six mots – six words story

Like sun, You shine for me.

Comment pourrais_je vivre sans toi ?

You’ve opened my mind to delight.

Have I ever been completely awake ?

Am I leading a human life ?

Keep a little warmth for me.

You’re an angel from hell.

She’s somewhere an absolute mystery.

Ready for an heartbreaking adventure ?

I’m born to love you.

I want you to feed me.

Le jour, je rêve de toi.

Tu es mon chemin du rêve.

I hate me for loving you.

My sexual preference is you, often.

There’s fire between you and me.

Rentrez chez vous et faites l’amour.

If I think, everything is lost. Paul Cézanne

Tasting her for the first time.

Tous les matins sont sans retour.

Le manque, cette présence de l’absence.

We are all museums of fear. Charles Bukowski

I crave you most before sleep.

Do you still think of me ?

You are a poem that breathes

To love is to be vulnerable. (C.S. Lewis)

Kiss me like the ocean breeze. (Iggy Pop)

Monsters we have nown and loved.

Sexy is good, nasty is better.

I still remember you inside me.

Someone love you , drive with care.

J’ai constamment peur de te perdre.

I lost myself for a moment.

Dream a little dream of me.

Quelque chose en toi m’attire irrésistiblement.

Come, wrap your body around mine.

Come and kiss me hard, everywhere.

Sink and when there, go deeper.

I’ve made all the best mistakes.

Is my stupidity a warm coat ?

Live this moment not the next.

Sleeping with her. Dreaming of you.

I was just thinking of you.

Dreamt of flying. Crashed into reality.

Fuck the problem with one smile

Becoming beautiful is a necessary journey.

She was lovely. Then things changed.

He sighed, knowing everything is unfini.

Smoking my very last cigarette. Again!

“Male?” It’s an older driver’s license.

I’m beside myself; cloning machine works.

More money, more bitches, more problems.

I’d like to be more kind.

The devil made me do it.

All my soul within me burning.   (E .A. Poe)

Not to forget you. To endure. (Rainer Maria Rilke, from “Death,” Uncollected Poems)

I tried it, I liked it.

You’ll be in my heart

You are my definition of desire.

I would have loved you unconditionally.

Your heart is always worth saving.

When brain doesn’t work, use hands!

Your first instinct is usually right.

I like you better than myself.

I told my therapist about you.

Rest your mind, calm your heart.

You took my heart so unexpectedly.

I think I’m addicted to tragedy.

Your name is my favorite song.

Fucking Hell. You look like Heaven.

I guess love isn’t always enough.

I need to clear my mind.

You’re permanently on my naughty list.

Everywhere I look you’re there.  (Erica Jong)

I myself am an absolute abyss.  (Antonin Artaud)

La haine rend les gens cons.

Certaines choses ne peuvent être pardonnées.

I felt perfectly at home, nowhere. (Hélène Cixous)

Tu es mon plus grand vice.

J’ai laissé mes rêves sur l’oreiller.

Une envie, un besoin, une obsession.

Because our addictions are our distractions.

Maybe I wasn’t made for anyone.

I am rooted, but I flow

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