Cannot marry me

I’m not psycho
I’m not schyzo
No fear Baby
I’m not insane
You can take me for a ride
On the no-exit lane
No fear
Sure I’m completely crazy
About Your cold anger
And Your warm deep blood
About Your secret insanity
And all your certainty
No fear baby
I never lose control
I’m not psycho
I’m not schyzo
But You cannot marry me
Cause this world is


Si jamais il advenait,
Que ton souvenir soit en terre,
La lumière de tes yeux en cendre.

J’étalerais ma peau exsangue,
Sur le sel des jours heureux,
Je mangerais ta chair morte,
J’enchainerais tes frères,
J’habiterais les égouts,
J’érigerais des prisons,
Pour les rêves d’enfants,
Souderais mes dents,
Coudrait mes yeux,
Si jamais, un jour,
j’oubliais de t’aimer.

Apache blessing

May the sun bring you new energy by day,
May the moon softly restore you by night,
May the rain wash away your worries,
May the breeze blow new strengh into your being.
May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all days of your life.

I feel beauty through the human tree
Remember the sunshine of your eyes
The apeal of the warm of your body
But for me that’s too late,
All is ashes in my mouth,
No light, coldness and deep darkness,
I’m now walking through the valley
of the shadow of death
Since I turn my steps away from you.


Will kill me ?

Bad food and cigarettes will kill me,
Too much coffee will sure kill me,
Work and jet lag will  kill me,
Alcools and drugs will kill me,
The Psychiatric cholera will kill me,
The Politic diarrhea will kill me,
The infectious TINA will kill me,

But what about chocolate, poetry,
What about your breathe on me,
And your so bright blue eyes ?

When I met the Devil

It was a strange travel
Where I met Superman,
M. Paradisz and the Devil

May I have fun,
Or do I  run ?
Have I choice ?
Don’t know !
Sure I loved to play
And that’s how
I’ve lost my way.

Looks like troubles ?

No ! looks like Christmas


Pour la toile invisible que nous tissons chaque jour